How to choose the wedding style

You have decided to get married and you are planning the big day. Among the numerous choices you will have to make for the wedding of your dreams, there is also the wedding style.

The wedding style is an aspect that should not be underestimated when organizing such an important event, as it determines its success. This is made up of various elements – such as materials, shapes, colours, decorations and arrangements – which give the context a truly special atmosphere.

The goal of style is to personalize the event and convey harmony between the elements and details, which must be declined based on the chosen style, but also with the setting and therefore with the location chosen for the ceremony and reception.

Useful tips to choose the wedding style

If you are planning your destination wedding in Campania and have not yet decided the mood of the big day, below we give you some advice that may be useful to choose the wedding style.

The location is the starting point when planning your wedding. The wedding style must be suitable and in tune with the place where you have decided to celebrate your love. The style, in fact, is the result of the decisions made during the planning and it is in synergy with needs of the future newlyweds.

Our advice, before choosing the wedding style, is to study the context and the season in which you wish to get married. Look for the flowers that you can use to decorate the location and a suitable dress that can reflect the chosen theme.

Ask yourself what defines your relationship, analyze your personalities and your hobbies, trying to identify what you have in common. In this way you will be able to personalize your wedding, making it unique like you.

If you are unable to clarify, we reccomend you to rely on a wedding planner who will help you not only with the planning, but also to find the style that best suits your day.

The trendiest wedding styles

As you can imagine, there are different styles to choose from, each with its own particularities to know and respect. Here are the most trendy wedding style:

Classic. The choice for those who don’t want to make mistakes, ideal for those couples who don’t give up the charm of tradition. Elegant and refined, the classic style wedding is perfect for those who dream of princely atmospheres, where white is the predominant color accompanied by details in gold, silver or bronze.

Country chic. If you love being in contact with nature, a country chic style wedding is for you. Characterized by wooden elements and natural materials, such as wicker, linen, rope and jute, it recalls the typical atmosphere of the English countryside. A joy for eyes and heart.

Vintage. If you have a retro soul and would have liked to live in different eras, why not choose a vintage style wedding? Trendy among couples who want to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere, the vintage style is a tribute to years gone by. From clothes to decorations, everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Boho chic. Celebrated outdoors, with references to the 60s and 70s, boho chic style weddings are inspired by the French bohemian lifestyle of the 19th century. Carpets, cushions, hanging chandeliers, and candles are elements that cannot be missed.

Minimal. Neutral colours, clean and rigorous lines, orderly elements and quality materials. The minimal style is characterized precisely by its simplicity. A minimal wedding is essential, without too many frills and excess decorations.

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