Tips for getting married on the Amalfi Coast

Tips for getting married on the Amalfi Coast

Saying the fateful “yes” in a unique and wonderful location is the dream of all future married couples. Romantic, fascinating, refined and evocative, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most iconic places in the world where you can celebrate an unforgettable wedding. But how to get married on the Amalfi Coast?

A wedding on the Amalfi Coast is a dream come true. This famous stretch of coast has always been synonymous with elegance and romance. Many couples of famous people who, over the years, have chosen its villages as the setting for their big day. Choosing this area of Campania, characterized by terraces overlooking the sea, magical sunsets, panoramic roads and the unmistakable scent of lemons, means immersing yourself in a culture full of tradition.

If you want to getting married on the Amalfi Coast, below you will find some tips for a perfect wedding.

Organize the wedding in time

The Amalfi Coast is among the most loved destinations by couples from all over the world. Every year the requests are truly numerous, but with the right organization and the help of a wedding planner, you will be able to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

The first tip we would like to give you is to start thinking about the preparations in advance, from the bureaucratic process to booking the location. This way you will have everything under control.

Civil ceremony and documents

Organizing a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast requires a series of attentions, especially if you are not a resident or live in another country. Before delving into the full preparations, it is necessary to start with bureaucratic issues and looking for the location for the celebration.

It is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony directly in the location, if the structure provides for it, or in buildings, beaches and terraces. The Amalfi Coast offers a great variety of locations: in Positano it is possible to celebrate the wedding with a civil ceremony on the municipal terrace with an enchanting view of the sea, in Amalfi you can choose a former Benedictine convent dating back to the 12th century, in Ravello, however, the Gardens of the Princess of Piedmont will be the ideal backdrop for a truly special day.

As regards documents, after having carried out the marriage banns in the municipality of residence, the future spouses will have to present to the chosen municipality:

  1. authorization from the Municipality of residence
  2. birth certificate or Apostille for foreign citizens
  3. copy of identity cards or passport for foreign citizens
  4. copy of the identity cards or passports of two witnesses
  5. declaration of the choice of property regime

How to organize a wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Personalizing a wedding makes it unique and original. Although the beauty of the place creates an excellent backdrop, it is still necessary to give that extra touch to your event, so that it is unforgettable.

Getting married on the Amalfi Coast allows you to organize ceremonies of all types, from classic to boho-chic. Each style suits the Divina perfectly. Think about a wedding with a Mediterranean flavour, characterized by a magical atmosphere and embellished with delicate flowers, soft colours, linen tablecloths, lemons and candles. Is there a more suitable place than the coast?

Every time of year is good for getting married in this splendid area of Campania, however spring and summer represent an excellent choice for those who want an impeccable wedding. The climate in these months is always sunny and the colors are even more suggestive.

Celebrating an important event such as a wedding on the Amalfi Coast means immersing yourself in a dream setting. The landscapes always offer different views that make each wedding unique and different from the other.

A wedding in the Divine is also a pleasure for the palate. Campania offers one of the most interesting culinary agreements for those who want to celebrate their love with flavor and taste.

Where to get married on the Amalfi coast

Between terraces overlooking the sea, breathtaking viewpoints, period villas, elegant buildings and lush gardens, it is possible to organize a wedding on the Amalfi Coast easily. The enchanting locations of this area will steal your heart at first glance.

The most beautiful places to celebrate a wedding are in Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Praiano. Some of the most incredible villas and hotels in all of Campania are located here. It’s up to you to choose, based on your desires, one thing is certain: your wedding will be a real dream.

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