Flowers for the wedding: tips for the perfect wedding

Flowers for the wedding: tips for the perfect wedding

Floral decorations are one of the most beautiful and romantic elements of a wedding. Every petal, every single flower, tells a unique story, adding a touch of magic to your special day.

Choosing flowers for the wedding is one of the most important steps. Flowers are not just a decorative element, but they say a lot about the personality of the couple and the style of the wedding. This is why it is essential to correctly choose not only the combinations, but also the arrangement of the flowers for the wedding.

From the delicacy of peonies to the passion of red roses, each flower has its own energy and meaning.

The choice of floral decorations is influenced by the season in which the wedding will be celebrated. Couples who are going to say the fateful “yes, I do” in spring are particularly lucky, because in this period there are many blooms that can be used to create beautiful decorations. Among the classic roses –  symbol of love par excellence – the elegance of tulips, the precious hydrangeas, you are spoiled for choice.

If you are planning your wedding and want to choose the most suitable flowers to reflect your style and personality, here are some tips for a dream wedding.

Tips for choosing flowers for the wedding

Flowers have always been an integral part of every ceremony. Choosing the “right” ones goes far beyond the aesthetic aspect.

As mentioned a few lines above, the flowers should reflect the style of the wedding. If you are organizing a boho wedding, peach and delicate pink peonies are perfect for decorating the location where the ceremony will be celebrated, but also for the bridal bouquet and table decorations. For a glamorous wedding, it is better to opt for hydrangeas and roses in bright and showy colours. If your wedding will be classic and traditional, white or red roses are the ideal choice.

The bouquet is the accessory that completes the bride’s look. Symbol of marriage, it can express different meanings depending on the flowers chosen for the composition. These jewels of nature play an important role, as they carry your message and best express the bride’s personality. Therefore, try to match the bouquet to your look. It is better to decide which flowers to use and the type of bouquet after being sure of the dress you will wear for the big day.

In addition to the decorations and the bouquet, the compositions also need their attention. Centerpieces can transform the party into a floral masterpiece. Tall and sumptuous or minimal compositions, the choice is yours, the “wow” effect will be guaranteed!

Choosing flowers for the wedding is a way to express couple’s personality and their love. Flowers make your day even more magical. Before proceeding with the choice, make some research taking into account the aspects we have indicated, and rely on experts who can turn your wishes into reality.

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