Wedding theme: how to personalize your wedding

Wedding theme: how to personalize your wedding

One of the desires that future brides all over the world have in common is an harmonious wedding, with a perfect aesthetic balance, in which all the elements are in harmony with each other. When you plan a wedding, the wedding theme is one of the first concepts couples come across.

As you can imagine or your wedding planner will have told you, to have a perfect wedding everything must be part of a great, expertly designed plan. The theme is harmony of shapes and colors, but also of meanings and messages.

The wedding theme develops in all the elements that create the event, from the choice of location to the smallest detail. For this reason, it is essential to reflect on your desires, the emotions you want to experience and the atmosphere you want to create for your special day.

What is the wedding theme and why choose it

The wedding theme is that particular detail around which your event will revolve. Unlike the style – made up of elements that give a special atmosphere to the context – the theme arises from the personality of the couple, their tastes and shared passions, which become the protagonists of the big day.

The wedding theme, in fact, can be a hobby, a book or a film that you saw together, a trip. Everything that speaks about you and your story can become the common thread of your wedding.

The wedding day represents the celebration of the love you feel, and is therefore a celebration for the couple.

So if you have a passion in common, it will be exactly the one from which you can take inspiration to organize your ceremony. On the contrary, if you have few interests in common, the theme can focus on atmospheres that you both love. It can be a mountain or sea landscape, or even nature and the countryside, but also a romantic atmosphere or a rock one.

Do not forget the feasibility of the project. Before making final decisions, make sure that the location chosen allows you to express the wedding theme you would like to create. In this way you will have the time to review the plans if necessary.

How to personalize your wedding

The creation of a themed wedding starts from a precise idea, but we must not forget that the focus is you as a couple and the perception of the world, of your love and life together.

Below we have selected some wedding theme ideas that can help you choose the one that represents you.

Disney themed wedding: If you are a romantic and dreamy couple, a Disney themed wedding is for you. You can take inspiration from your favorite fairy tale or from the entire Disney’s world, and mix different fairy tale stories. Planning a Disney themed wedding will allow you to range between different genres and will give you numerous ideas for creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Sea themed wedding: Colors ranging from various shades of blue to ivory, shells, fishing nets and much more. The sea-themed wedding is among the most loved, thanks to the joy and that wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation it transmits.

Book-themed wedding: If you are passionate about reading and novels, then your wedding can only be book-themed. From the invitations to the set up, everything is inspired by the magical world of the bookshop. Sagas like Harry Potter and Twilight or the great literary classics can immerse you and your guests in the wedding mood.

Tiffany themed wedding: Who doesn’t love Tiffany and that wonderful color of the iconic boxes that contain the jewels that drive women and teenagers crazy? Romantic and delicate, the famous Tiffany blue can be the theme of your wedding. From the location to the cake, from the flowers to the details of your dress, everything will convey lightness and freshness.

Travel themed wedding: Ideal for all those couples who love to travel and always have their suitcase ready. The travel themed wedding is suitable for many newlyweds and can be declined in different shades and styles. Think about the trips you have taken together or the countries you would like to visit, choose the typical music of the destinations that have remained in your heart, and free your imagination.

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